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This is the custom bingo sheet generator. For source code and how it got created scroll down. If you have suggestions or find bugs let me know! In order to see how this works just hit "Generate" on the sample data. You can select from the sample sets provided or just create your own set. If you like it, send me a note telling me what you used it for and if you really really like it then go ahead and click on some sponsored links below :-)
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Here is the source code

The purpose of this page is to generate Bingo sheets based on the word list supplied. Just take a printout of the generated result, cut them along the dotted line :) and hand them to your friends and play on! How you get the words is upto you. Here are some suggestions--

This is my version of bingo which lets you customize some of the features of the game. This started as a request from my darling wife who wanted a bingo for a baby shower with baby-related words. So I wrote this python script for it. Then I figured-- this would work great if it were totally expandible and you could build custom sizes and your own set of words to use. So that's what got us here!

A special shoutout to the good folks at Wingware who make a terrific IDE for Python. Check it out.